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Financial Projections

Data-driven decision making. I don’t gamble, but I’ve watched people from a distance on wings and prayers at the Vegas tables - no system, no strategy, often just hemorrhaging cash. Now consider Edward O Thorp, a professor of Math and Quantitative Finance at MIT. He won so huge and so often, that the casinos tried to change the rules of the game. Imagine that. The point is that he used sophisticated analytics, timing and good judgment to his advantage.

Starting a healthcare practice can be a risky business involving a multitude of factors. But MPSG is in the business of minimizing that risk and we do so using one of our secret weapons- it is our force multiplier- our financial modeling process. The combination of our health care experience, business acumen and attention to the minute details ensures that your 5-year pro financial projection model includes all relevant expense details from the billing service to Band-Aids. Our revenue projections involve an astute matrix of patient visit productivity, services, payer mix and ramp up schedule. With all of that in mind, we adjust the variables and run multiple “what if” scenarios for you to consider. At this point, the fog of decision-making begins to lift. You realize you’ve got an valuable wingman in MPSG.

In the end, you will sleep peacefully at night, your lawyer will bill you less and banks will be fighting with each other to give you a loan.